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I don't live in California. Can you still help me?

We are licensed to practice psychotherapy only in the state of California. We provide therapy in Sherman Oaks. However, Shirin can and does provide coaching services for people outside of CA. Coaching would be more educational with direction, rather than exploring emotions about past experiences. Shirin offers coaching via HIPPA compliant platforms (video or phone option).

What is your fee & do you take insurance?

Depending on your mental health provider, the fees start are at $100 per 50-minute session. Please contact us to discuss fees based on your situation.


We are in-network with Kaiser, Blue Cross Medi-Cal, and HMC Healthworks. In addition, we accept all PPO Insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. We will provide you with an invoice (also know as "super bill”) at the end of every month, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement depending on your plan.

Follow these instructions for an idea of your "out-of-network" insurance benefits:


Find out what percentage is covered for “out-of network” or “non-participating providers.”


Find out the “maximum allowed amount” per session (this is sometimes referred to as “reasonable and customary fees”) for zip code 91403 for Masters Level (LMFT/LCSW) clinicians. The CPT/procedure code is 90791 & 90837.



Find out if you have a deductible for out of network providers and how much it is.

Can you tell me more about the free 15-minute consultation call?

The call is an opportunity for you to tell us about what is bringing you to therapy. It is also a way for you to get to how we work and what ways we can help you achieve your goal(s). By the end of our call, you will have a good idea of whether or not you feel comfortable working together. If we feel that we are not the best fit for you & your needs, we will likely refer you to another professional who may be more appropriate. 

Where are sessions located?  

Traditional in-office sessions are in Sherman Oaks. We offer online therapy remotely via phone or video. Please contact us to discuss the option that works best for you. 

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